About Us


About MTM 

Motivation Thru Movement is a dance company established in Richmond, Virginia and founded on the principle that determination, confidence, self love and respect make an individual phenomenal. Founder Angelica Jones and Co-Owner Maya Thomas are Richmond, Virginia natives who met as children, attended and graduated from Henrico High School’s Center for Performing Arts, and now use their gifts coupled with health education, fitness, and sensual fun to help others lead their most motivated optimal lifestyles. 


We look forward to having the community share this grand experience, empowering every individual to embrace their health and develop confidence and empowerment.


Meet The Team​




Founder/Co-Owner of Motivation Thru Movement and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Angelica Jones brings her passion for dance, health and fitness together to share with the community! 



Co-Owner Atlanta

Co-Owner of Motivation Thru Movement enjoys using dance as a way to promote healthy lifestyles and build confidence in individuals. She is committed to supporting others on their journey to being their best selves when they choose to join the movement and the MTM experience!




Dance Instructor of Motivation Thru Movement and senior at VCU studying Psychology and Social Work. Her desire is to uplift others and promote self-care and love through dancing.


Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for class?

To sign up online follow these simple steps: 1. Click on the "Classes" tab 2. Scroll down to your class of choice and click the "Learn More" button 3. Click the "Join Us" button under the description then the "Book Now" button for your class of choice. Show up at the beginning of class to Drop in on the fun.

What should I wear to class?

Hot Physique Twerk Fit & Allure: You can wear activewear such as tennis shoes, sports bras and workout pants. Leggings or tights work best for gliding around the floor, but full coverage shorts will usually work too! Knee pads are highly recommended to protect your joints. Heels are common for Allure but not required. Please bring a water bottle, a towel if you glisten. A yoga mat is optional. Pole Trix: For Pole, a tank top, sports bra, shorts, and bare feet are all you need! Spandex shorts work best, but any shorts will work. Pants are not recommended for pole as skin exposure is needed to grip the pole, but you can wear them for Intro to Pole if necessary (just know that some moves may be limited!). No undergarments! Sweatpants, jackets, knee pads, and leg warmers/socks are recommended for warming up and for floorwork. DO NOT WEAR LOTION, OILS, OR JEWELRY! Slippery skin can make moves more difficult and increase risk of injury. Don’t forget a water bottle!

What's the latest I can sign up for an online class?

Class sign ups close 3 hours before class start time. Classes submitted online after the shut off time will be required to pay the remainder of the drop in fee at the door.

Do I need experience to join a class?

Absolutely NOT! Our group fitness classes are beginner friendly, and our instructors will provide modifications throughout the class. Always remember to listen to you body! For pole classes, our Intro to Pole class is designed specifically for beginners with no experience! Pole is an activity that anyone can try!

If you can’t find an answer on our FAQs page, send us an email to motivationthrumovement@gmail.com or give us a call at 804-482-0671, and we’ll be happy to help answer your questions!











Policies & Guidelines​

Class Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen incidents cancellations will be posted on the community forum page of MTM’s website. The cancellations will be made 1 hour prior to class start time by the instructor.


Late Entry Policy

Please DO NOT BE LATE to class as it is disruptive and poses as a safety concern. Students who are late to class will forfeit their spot to anyone waitlisted and will not be reimbursed for class credit. We suggest arriving 15 minutes early for evening classes in order to be in proper attire and ready to begin class at the scheduled time. Please arrive on time as the instructor will lock the door once class has started. All 60 minute classes end 5 minutes early to allow time for class transition and questions for the instructor. After returning equipment and gathering your belongings, please move all conversation into the lounge area to allow for the next class to begin on time! 


Sign In Policy 

Upon entering the building it is required that all visitors sign in. It is imperative that this be done before entering the dance studio. This is for safety and accountability purposes.Bystanders are not allowed to sit in on a class for the safety and comfort of participants.


Pictures & Video Recording Policy

Students may not record video or take photos during class, with exception to an instructor providing permission. Any choreography from MTM should be properly credited to the instructor/choreographer/class when sharing on social media or any other platforms. Any shared content which misrepresents MTM’s values or services, or which does not give proper credit, will be asked to be taken down. 


Class Attire Policy

For classes acceptable attire includes, activewear such as sports bras, workout pants, and full coverage shorts. Polewear is acceptable for pole classes. No undergarments.


Pole Sharing Policy

Our poles are made for sharing! As students are not on the pole the whole time, feel free to cycle through any open poles while your classmates are taking a break. Please wipe down the pole before and after each use.

Age Policy

Clients must be 18 years of age or older. Children under 18 are not allowed at the studio while a client is taking classes.


Refunds & Transfers Policy

All drop-in classes, month-to-month and paid-in-full memberships, deposits, and product purchases are nontransferable and nonrefundable. 

Code of Conduct

At Motivation Thru Movement, we aim to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for anyone to stay motivated. All clients are expected to uphold our values and abide by the policies as posted on our website. If you are ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable or you feel our standards are not being adhered to, please reach out to the instructor immediately as it is important for us to listen to our clients’ concerns and do our best to resolve any issues in order to keep our community thriving.

  • Please be respectful to fellow students through mindful awareness of personal space.

  • Please keep an open mind and positive attitude to our MTM community both in and outside of the studio.

  • Please be attentive in class and let the instructor teach; follow their instructions to avoid distractions to other participants.

  • Please keep phones on silent and keep phone/text conversations outside of class.

  • Please do not bring messy/fragrant foods or scents into the studio.

  • Please keep belongings on the provided shelving and off of the main floors.

  • Please wipe down mats, blocks, etc. and neatly return equipment to where it belongs.

  • Please wipe your shoes off on the mats upon entering the studio and remove your street shoes upon entering the studio.